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Saturday, February 25, 2012

OFWC: Triple H vs. Samoa Joe

The show starts with a camera shot showing the entire crowd inside Tampa Bay Times Forum. The entire audience stands as they show off their signs and faces. The crowd screams as the energy in the building is amazing.

JR: "Welcome everyone to another week of OFWC! I am Jim Ross and Jerry "The King" Lawler is with me. We are bringing you another match right here this week! Last week was a pretty insane battle and I can expect this one to turn out the same. We have to slobber knocker competitors fighting. Both are going to give it their all!"

Jerry: "We have a sold-out crowd of 19,000 fans here! These fans are going to be in for a treat! Alright, let's begin!" The camera turns to the entrance stage as the lights dim and turn green. Music hits and here comes The Game!

Gene: "This match is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, resigning from Greenwich, Connecticut, weighting in at 255 pounds, The Game, Triple H!" Triple H comes on stage with his head down. He takes a swig of water and spits it up in the air. He walks down the ramp with a purpose. The fans are going wild. He gets to the bottom of the ramp and turns to walk around the ring. He takes a gulp of water and releases the bottle. He hops up to one side of the ring. He stands on the apron as he looks left and right. He tilts his head down and then lifts it up, as with his arms. He sprays the water out as a spotlight is on him.

Jerry: "I love this entrance every single time!"

Triple H gets in the ring and goes to the corners as he poses some more.

He gets down and stares at the stage. Just then, music plays and here comes the machine.

Gene: Introducing his opponent, resigning from The Isle of Samoa, weighing 280 pounds, The Samoan Submission Machine, Samoa Joe!" Joe walks down the ramp with determination in his eyes. He has a towel wrapped around his neck. He gets to the bottom and takes off the towel. He wraps it around the steel post as he walks up the steps. He gets in the ring and meets Triple H in the middle of the ring.

Triple H vs. Samoa Joe

Referee Earl Hebner signals for the bell and it rings three times. Triple H and Joe stand right where they are. They then move closer where they are face to face. They exchange a few words back and forth. Joe slowly backs up, brings his hand up and "cuts his throat" with it. Triple H's eyes widen, and so did the fans, as that stunned them. Triple H does a little chuckle as he looks around the arena. He then looks forward, and at the same time, brings his right fist up to connect right to the face of Joe. Joe stumbles back from the hard shot. Joe holds his mouth and then moves it around. Joe nods and smirks to show Triple H that the shot wasn't too bad. He then puts a glare look on as he moves forward and goes right after Triple H. He does a right punch and then another right. He grabs Triple H by the head and hair and shoves him in the corner. Joe brings his hands up and connects with rights and lefts right to the face. He is not putting the sting behind them, but they are so rapid. Joe stops as the referee counts to four. Joe grabs Triple H's arm and whips him to the other side of the ring. HHH hits the corner HARD and falls down to his knees and then on his chest. Joe walks over to him, steps on the lowest part of his back and walks right over it. Triple H turns around on the mat and holds his back in pain. Joe leans against the ropes and checks Triple's status. As HHH lays on his back now, Joe bounces back, runs forward, jumps up, and falls back first right onto the chest and gut of Triple H. Joe covers, but Triple H kicks out at 1. Both get up and Joe does another right hand, but HHH does a knee to the gut and a right hand. Joe stumbles back again. He comes forward with a kick to the gut and then a huge uppercut! Triple H bounces up from the impact. He still stands though. Joe runs to him and hits a closeline. Triple H gets back up and Joe goes for another closeline, but HHH knees Joe in the gut, twists his head and connects with a neck breaker!! Triple H covers, but Joe kicks out at two! Triple H slowly gets up, as does Joe. Triple goes to Joe and whips him in the ropes. Joe comes back and ducks the closeline. Joe continues in the ropes. Triple H turns around and Joe runs back. He jumps up with his legs out in front and kicks HHH right in the upper chest, neck and face! Triple H falls instantly! Joe gets up and then drops an elbow. Instead of pinning, he applies a headlock.

Jerry: "Back and forth battle here reminds of the times when I was in bed!"

JR: "Jerry, that's enough!"

Triple H slowly gets up as the lock is still applied. HHH elbows Joe in the gut multiple times. Joe releases the hold. Triple H turns around and punches Joe in the face. He goes for a kick in the gut, but Joe blocks it. He spins Triple around by his leg. As HHH is turned around, Joe grabs him by the waist. He lifts him up and, HOLY COW, a german suplex! Joe has a bridge for a cover: 1-2-NO! Joe gets up. He turns HHH over to his side and applies knees right to the back of him. HHH screams in pain. Joe turns him over to face up and covers! HHH kicks out again. Joe gets him up and places him in the corner. He does several knee shots to the gut and then rights and lefts. Joe turns around, but he jumps up and.....OH MY.....kicks HHH with the CCS enzuigiri! He comes out of the corner and stumbles. Joe is up and grabs him by the front and preforms a stellar belly to belly suplex! Joe walks over to him, bends over and....OHHHH....tries to lock in the Coquina Clutch!!! Triple H, though, is able to squirm to the ropes. Joe backs up and waits. Triple H uses the ropes to get up. As HHH gets to his feet and turns to Joe, he runs toward The Game. As Joe gets there, Triple H grabs Joe's head, drops him down right on his knee. Joe bounces up and goes all the way back against the ropes. HHH runs to him and closelines him right out! Joe is down. The crowd is finally cheering. Triple H slides under the ropes. He gets Joe up and SMACKS his head of the ring apron. He then pushes him back first into the guard rail. He grabs Joe to bring him back in the ring, but Joe elbows HHH in the gut. He grabs Triple H by the head, runs while holding him, and releases HHH. GOOD GOD.....HHH goes face first into the steel post. He falls instantly. The crowd gasps. Joe rests against the apron. He notices the referee is up to 7. Samoa slides in the ring and then out. He goes to Triple H and brings the dead weight body in the ring. Joe gets in and covers: 1-2-3!!!!

NO, NO, NO...ONLY 2!

JR: "Wow, what a match! I thought that was it!"

Joe can't believe it. He is getting aggravated. He gets HHH up and places him on the top corner. Joe goes for the Muscle Buster, but he can't fully grab HHH. Triple H tries to fight back Joe now. He tries to push him back and throw punches. Joe steps back. Triple H tries to reposition himself, but Joe sidesteps and.....BAM....a super kick right to the face!!!! Triple H leans back and to the side. He is almost going to fall off, but Joe rushes to grab him. He sets up the Muscle Buster. Joe walks to the center of the ring and.....DROPS HIM DOWN! He hits it!!! He hooks the leg: 1-2-OHHHH! What in the world?!

JR: "Did Triple H just kick out of that?"

Jerry: "You are the play-by-play announcer, JR, you should know the answer!"

JR: "Well King, I know the answer but I can't believe it. I don't know how Triple H still has something in the tank!"

Joe sits on the mat as he doesn't know what could put him away. As he sits there, he figures there is one more thing....the choke hold! Joe gets up and goes to the head of Triple H....but Triple H grabs Joe's head brings him down and....INSIDE CRADLE: 1-2-NO! Both quickly get to their feet. Joe goes for a high side kick to the head, but HHH ducks. He then kicks Joe in the gut and whips him in the ropes. Joe comes back and Triple H drops Joe down on his knee. Joe bounces up. Triple H grabs him and.....SPINEBUSTER! HHH gets up and he is getting all of the energy. The crowd is filling his body up. Joe stirs. He gets up finally and Triple H kicks him in the gut. He sets up the pedigree....but Joe takes HHH's legs out from under him, flips over him and covers: 1-2-HHH kicks out! Both get up and Triple H closelines Joe. Joe gets up and he gets closelined again. He is up again and Triple H kicks him in the gut. He sets it up and...PEDIGREE! Triple H covers: 1-2-3! Winner: Triple H

Jerry: "There you go folks! There it is!"

Gene: "The winner of the match: Triple H!" Triple H is lying on the mat as he is tired and out of energy. The crowd is standing and cheering as HHH's music plays. He finally moves. He gets to one knee and then to a vertical base. He goes to the corner and raises his arms like no other.

JR: "Triple H and Joe gave it their all. I could see them fight again as I know we can still see plenty more between these two! Triple H came out on top though. Another match set in stone for OFWC! Thank you for joining us and we will see you next week! OFWC- Exceptionally Historic!" The show fades.

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