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Friday, February 10, 2012

OFWC: Edge vs. AJ Styles in a Ladder Match

The camera shows the sold-out arena of Madison Square Garden. It switches to the commentators at ringside.

JR: "Welcome everyone to another episode of OFWC! This is Online Fantasy Wrestling Company we are in for a treat tonight! I thought last week was a great match, but this week is even better!"

Jerry: "That is right. Tonight is going to be Edge vs. AJ Styles. It is not going to be in any norma match though....it will be in a Ladder Match! There are no words to describe what this match might bring!"

The camera switches to the stage as music plays. AJ Styles appears first. As he walks on stage, he goes through sparks that come sailing down from above. The crowd does a huge cheer. He puts down his arms and struts his way down the ramp. He walks up the steel steps and gets in the ring. After he is settled, music plays again, but this time it's Edge! Edge comes running on stage as the crowd roars. He walks a couple feet down the ramp, stops and then raises his arms as fireworks explode in the air behind him. He continues his way down the ramp and then slides in the ring. He gets to his feet and climbs a corner to give fans a chance to take some pictures. He gets down and takes off his coat.

AJ Styles vs. Edge in a Ladder Match

The bell rings and both men are on opposite sides of the ring. They walk closer to each other until they meet in the center of the ring. They look up and see the OFWC logo hanging above the ring. That is the price....that is what they need to win! Both look down and look at each other. AJ extends his hand and after Edge stares at it, he puts out his hand and shakes it. They put down their arms....but then bring both up and lock-up. Both are pushing each other in a feat of strength. Edge is able to push AJ back....but AJ knees Edge in the gut before Edge is able to put him in the corner. The lock is broken. AJ brings a right hand right to Edge's face. He stumbles back. AJ brings his fist to Edge's face again. Edge goes back into the ropes. AJ grabs him and whips him in the ropes. AJ goes for a closeline, but Edge ducks and continues into the ropes. AJ turns back as Edge comes forward. Edge jumps up and hits a great spinning heel kick. He hits AJ right in the face. He falls. Both get up and Edge kicks AJ in the gut and then punches him in the head. He whips AJ right into the corner. Edge runs to him, but AJ brings his boot up and kicks Edge right in the face. Edge walks backwards as he holds his face. AJ runs out and closelines Edge. Edge gets back up, but gets knocked down again by a closeline. Edge gets up again, but he ducks after AJ tries for another closeline. AJ turns around and Edge kicks him with a huge big boot! AJ falls backwards, down on the middle rope, and right through it. He bounces off the apron and then falls to the floor below. Edge slides out of the side of the ring right beside AJ. He looks under the ring and finds a medium size ladder. He pulls it out from the ring and has it vertical. Just then, AJ gets up, jumps on the apron, runs around and swings around the ring post, continues to run on the other side of the apron and jumps!!! He lands on the ladder which hits right into Edge!!! Edge falls with the ladder on top but AJ falls with the ladder underneath him.

Jerry: "OH! I do not know who got the worst out of that. Both end up in serious pain!"

AJ holds his gut as he slowly gets up. Edge pushes the ladder off of him. He gets up using the ring barricade. AJ walks to him and punches him in the head. Edge stumbles and walks away. He goes closer to the announcer's table. AJ follows him. AJ grabs Edge's shoulder, spins him around, but Edge kicks AJ in the gut, grabs his head and trunks and RAMS him right into the steel steps! Edge falls to his knees as he catches his breath. He gets back up, grabs the ladder that he got earlier and slides it in the ring. He only puts it halfway in though. Edge walks over to AJ, picks him up and slides him in the ring. AJ slowly crawls. He gets to the ladder. As he gets up, Edge runs over to the part of the ladder sticking out of the ring, jumps up and lands on it.....GOOD GOD....the other side bounces up and HITS AJ right in the face!!!! AJ's head bounces up and spins as he falls on the mat. He is lying on his chest holding his face in pain.

JR: "This can't be good!"

AJ takes his hands away from his head and looks up. Blood starting flowing down his face.

Jerry: "That looks ugly!"

Edge slides the ladder all the way in the ring. Edge gets in. He plops the ladder in the corner. He goes to AJ and gets him up as blood is coming down his face. He whips AJ right into the ladder....BUT, BUT, BUT....AJ jumps halfway up the ladder. Edge runs to him, but AJ flips back, doing a moonsault, but grabbing Edge's head from behind and his a reverse DDT!!!

JR: "What a move! Bloody and all and he continues to impress!"

Both are motionless on the mat. All you can see is them breathing. AJ turns over and slowly gets up. Blood is starting to go down to his chest now. AJ grabs the ladder from the corner. He lifts it up and DROPS it right down on the chest of Edge. Edge squints in pain. AJ turns around, jumps up and....OH NO....does a standing moonsault on the ladder....on Edge! AJ quickly gets off and holds his gut and so does Edge. AJ gets up as Edge still is on the mat. AJ gets the ladder and sets it up in the middle of the ring. He starts to climb. He takes one step at a time. He is 3/4 to the top and reaches for the logo. He can't get it. He slowly continues. Edge turns and grabs the bottom of the ladder. He starts to lift and the ladder starts to tilt. AJ regains the composure and has all four legs of the ladder on the mat. Edge spins around, uses his legs, and kicks the ladder! BAM! The ladder tips over and there goes AJ! OHHHH! AJ lands on the top rope, gut first!!!! He then leans forward and falls outside. He is down and out. Edge crawls to the ladder, positions it back up and starts to climb. He goes one step each time. He goes and goes. He is 3/4 and now 5/6. He is about to get it. He reaches and is fingertips away! He almost has it....he almost has it! Well....just then.....AJ jumps on the apron....then jumps to the top rope....he springboards and.....OH MY.....he does a flying forearm!!!!! He hits Edge right in the side and Edge falls right off the ladder! Both crash down to the mat!!!

Jerry: "This match is insane! I love it!! What a performance!"

The crowd is going crazy as both as AJ uses the ropes to get to his feet. He stumbles for a few seconds and then goes to the ladder. He slowly climbs. He doesn't get that far as Edge gets up, pulls AJ down and pushes him back. AJ bounces off the ropes. He comes forward and goes for a closeline, but Edge ducks. AJ continues to run. As he comes back.....BOOM....Edge hits the spear....HE HITS THE SPEAR! AJ is down. Edge is kneeling with his crazy look on his face. He gets to his feet and looks up. He gets to the ladder and starts climbing. He goes and goes....but AJ suddenly turns sideways and kicks the ladder. The ladder tips over....but Edge jumps off and lands on his feet. He grabs AJ and gets him to his feet. AJ spins around jumps and.....OH, OH, OH....pele! Edge falls! AJ quickly gets up, gets Edge and sets up for the Styles' clash! He goes to lift Edge....but Edge lifts up for a back body drop. AJ lays there. Edge grabs the ladder and sets it up once again. He climbs. He goes a lot quicker this time. He is almost to the top. AJ now is up and jumps up. He is already have way up. He continues to climb. He meets Edge at the top. He does a punch to Edge's face. Edge returns the favor. AJ hits him again. Edge fires back and then again....and then again. AJ does a head but. Edge sways and may fall....but he comes forward, grabs AJ's head and bounces it off the top of the ladder!! AJ is dazed. Edge grabs AJ's head once again and then pushes him back......THERE GOES AJ! AJ falls off the ladder. He lands back first on the mat! Edge goes up one more step, reaches up and unhooks the OFWC logo! Ding, ding, ding!!! Winner: Edge

JR: "What a sensational match! Simply amazing by two great professional wrestlers. These two are made for this match. Back and forth battle! They gave it their all! But, at the end of the night, Edge comes out victories." Edge drops down as he kneels in the ring holding the great logo of OFWC. He then stands up and raises it in the air as his music hits.

Jerry: "Another week and another match from OFWC! Thank you for joining us and come back next week for more matches like these! OFWC - Exceptionally Historic!" The show fades.

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