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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Kurt Angle vs. Daniel Bryan

OFWC cameras roll as they show inside the Consol Energy Center in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania.  Fireworks explode from the entrance stage.  They shoot in the air once after another and then all of them combined together.  The crowd is standing on their feet with their signs in the air and their voices projected throughout the arena.

Jerry: "Everyone, welcome to another edition of OFWC!  We haven't had a match in quite awhile, but we are back and we are ready to go!"

JR: "That is right, Jerry.  You, of course, since you didn't introduce yourself, are Jerry "The King" Lawler while I am Jim Ross.  Since we haven't had a match for sometime, we are going to make that up to you right now.  We have one tremendous match.  This is going to be a wrestling match.  It's a pure slobber knocker!  Let's get to it as I can't wait and neither can this sold-out crowd!"