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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Chris Jericho vs. Brock Lesnar

OFWC's lights turn on.  The cameras start rolling.  The Consel Energy Center in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania is sold-out.  The whole audience is on their feet!  They are cheering and screaming, but it can't be heard at this moment as fireworks explode from the OFWC entrance stage and above the ring.

Jerry: "Welcome everyone to OFWC!  I am Jerry "The King" Lawler and I have my great assistant here with me, J.R., Jim Ross, and we have one tremendous show for you tonight!

JR: "So you think I am your assistant, Jerry?  Anyway, you are right about one thing.  We do have one tremendous show as we have one epic match coming to you!  It is going to be Chris Jericho vs. Brock Lesnar.  These two have so much history.....not against each other, but in their careers.  Both are completely different inside and outside of the ring.  We been waiting to have the Code Breaker meet up with the F-5!  It is finally going to happen!  I can't wait!  I am stoked!"