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Saturday, March 10, 2012

OFWC: Shawn Michaels vs. Sting

The show begins with the camera on the entrance stage. Fireworks spring up from the stage in an array of colors. It goes from left to right and ends with one final boom. The crowd is standing on their feet. They all cheer together.

JR: "This place is so loud, I can barely hear myself talk. I am Jim Ross, ladies and gentlemen, and with me is Jerry "The King" Lawler. We have one amazing show here tonight!"

Jerry: "Thank you JR for the introduction and you are right. This show should be an absolute classic. We are going to see two of the biggest and best stars in wrestling history fight. It is the showstopper, the heart break kid, Shawn Michaels one-on-one against the icon, Sting. These two always bring everything when they fight in the ring and with them going after each other, you are going to see a battle for the ages. Let's get right to it!" Music begins to play and it is Shawn Michaels! He comes out on stage with his great entrance gear zipped and buckled up. He hops around the stage while throwing his arms in the air. He walks down the ramp and then kneels down. He lowers his head and then raises it, along with his arms. Fireworks explode behind him. The crowd is going crazy. He gets up after the final firework and continues his way to the ring. He gets in and jumps around. He takes off his entrance gear and waits for his opponent.

Just then, the lights dim and the whole arena is in darkness. Music starts to play. A spotlight from the roof shines down to the middle of the ring. From the rafters, a figure all dressed in black sails down. He lands in the middle of the ring, takes off the hook and it's Sting! He has his black cape on as well as his black bat in hand.

The crowd is going nuts. The lights come back on and Sting puts his bat at ringside. He takes off his cape and gives it to the ring crew. He turns around to Shawn. They look at each other before the match starts. Earl Hebner, the referee, tells them to come closer. Shawn comes to while Sting slowly makes his way. Earl tells each of them that this match will not be given any leeway. The best man shall win. Earl then signals for the bell.

Shawn Michaels vs. Sting

Shawn and Sting continues to stare each other in the eye. They are face to face. Shawn turns and looks at the crowd as they chant, "Shawn, Shawn, Shawn!" Sting turns his head to the other side of the arena and they chant, "Sting, Sting, Sting!" Both turn their head back to face each other. Shawn backs up a step and raises his eyebrows from the reaction of the fans. He then, BAM, gives a direct punch to the face of Sting! Sting's head turns from the force. He slowly brings it back to stare at Shawn. Sting barely budged. Shawn, a bit puzzled, gives Sting a big knife edge chop to the chest. Sting backs up a step but that is it. Shawn moves closer to him and gives him another chop. He then punches Sting in the face again. He goes for one more punch, but Sting blocks it and then grabs Shawn by the head and armpit and tosses him into the corner. Sting goes right in front of him and does a right hand and then a knife edge chop. He does another right and then a kick to the gut. He does a chop, punch, kick, punch, kick, kick, punch, chop, punch, chop. Shawn is taking all of the damage. He fades each time as he is about to fall down, but Sting plops him up and runs to the opposing side of the ring. Sting runs back, jumps.....Sting Splash....but Shawn moves! Sting goes sternum first into the corner. Shawn turns him around and has Sting in the corner now. Shawn gives his own version of a chop and then a punch. He does another chop. A chop once again. One more chop! He then does a right hand. He brings Sting out of the corner, knees him in the gut and does a twisting neck breaker. Shawn goes for a cover, but Sting quickly kicks out at one. Both quickly get up and Shawn stays on the offense as he kicks Sting in the gut and then whips him in the ropes. Sting comes back and goes for a closeline, but Shawn ducks and runs into the ropes himself. They bounce off and run toward each other. OH MY!!! They both do a jumping cross body! Both fall to the mat as all of their air gets knocked out of them. Both are down as Earl starts to count: 1-2-3-4-5-6-Sting and Shawn turn over and are on their knees-8-9-both get to their feet. Sting walks toward Shawn, but Shawn jumps up and hits Sting right an elbow to the face. Sting falls. Shawn is lying on the mat, but he jumps up. Sting slowly gets up. Sting turns to Shawn and Shawn does a short jab right hand to Sting. He does another jab and then another. He does a left fist and Sting stumbles. Shawn whips Sting, but Sting reverses it and Shawn......OH BOY, goes right into the corner, but he bent over and goes upside down, back first up the corner. Shawn falls back doing a flip and lands on his feet. He holds his lower back as he turns around and.....BAM....Sting does a huge right that knocks Shawn down. Sting covers: 1-2-OH! Shawn kicks out.

JR: "What a battle so far! This is nowhere near done though!"

Sting gets Shawn up. He kicks Shawn in the gut and then whips him in the ropes. Shawn comes back and Sting bends over to lift Shawn up, but Shawn stops and kicks Sting right in the chest. Sting bounces up. Shawn runs and closelines him to the mat. The Icon gets up but Michaels closelines him again. Stinger gets up one more time and this time runs toward Shawn, but Shawn ducks and Sting goes right over the ropes. He lands on the apron and then on the ring mat. Sting holds his ribs as he slowly gets to his feet. As Sting is at a vertical base, Shawn grabs the top rope facing Sting, hops up....flies....and does a cross body right on Sting! Both are lying on the ground as the crowd is taking in every moment. Shawn gets up as Earl's count is up to 6. Shawn gets into the ring and then slides back out to break the count. He gets Sting up and PLANTS his head right into the announcer's table. JR and Jerry get up leave the table. Sting stumbles. Shawn gets on the ring apron. He turns to see Sting up and facing him. Shawn jumps up to the second rope and then.....GOOD GOD ALMIGHTY.....jumps back doing a MOONSAULT.....LANDING RIGHT ON STING! Sting falls back right on the table.

Jerry: "Look at the damage JR! Luckily the table didn't break but they are using it like it's a bed."

JR: "They aren't moving though. This could be bad!"

Suddenly, Sting slides off the table. Shawn starts moving himself as he rolls off. Shawn slowly gets to Sting as Earl's count is up to 8. Shawn turns his attention to it and flings toward the ring. He slides in and then out.

Jerry: "So close!"

Shawn lifts Sting up, who is almost dead weight, and slides him in the ring. Sting rolls and rolls to almost the center as he is on his back. Shawn gets on the apron and then climbs the corner slowly. He holds his back as he is on the top rope. He springs.....FLYING ELBOW.....BUT, BUT, BUT....Sting moves and HBK crashes and burns! Oh, now both men are on the mat. Sting starts to get up but uses the ropes to stand. He gets a beaten up Shawn to his feet. He lifts Shawn up and body slams him. Sting drops an elbow and then covers: 1-2-NO! Sting gets Shawn up again and lifts him up on his side and.....BACKBREAKER! Sting then has him stand, grabs him, and whips him into the corner. Sting runs to him.....Stinger Splash!!!! He takes Shawn out of the corner, goes behind him....Scorpion Death Drop!!! He nails it! Sting covers: 1-2-AHHHHH! Shawn kicked out and Sting can' believe it. He sits there puzzled.

JR: "I thought that was the end. Sting thought so too! Shawn is a fighter!"

Sting gets Shawn up and whips him in the corner again. Sting runs to him.....Stinger Splash.....but Shawn moves out of the way and Sting hits the turnbuckle. Sting comes out as Shawn lifts him up and drops him down for an atomic drop. He closelines Sting down. Shawn goes to the corner and climbs it. As he is on top, Sting suddenly gets to his feet as he got his famous burst of energy. The juices are running now! He goes to Shawn and grabs him with both hands. He has Shawn over his head as he takes him out of the corner. He goes to throw Shawn, but Michaels squirms and then twists around to grab Sting's head and.....SMASH him down with a DDT!!!! Sting bounces off the mat and then lays on his back. Shawn starts to get his energy now as he squirms around on the mat. He then gets up after using the ropes. He flings his arms around in a wild passion. He goes to the corner and climbs. He is on top. He jumps and.....SUCCESSFULLY hits the flying elbow!!! It goes right into Sting's heart!!! Shawn moves around and then gets up.

Jerry: "I don't know a lot of about animals, but you can't stop stings by hitting their heart. You got to take off their head. I think that is what Shawn is preparing to do!"

Shawn waits in the corner. Sting moves around as he gets on his hands and knees. He lifts off and gets to his feet. He lifts his torso up. Just in time as Shawn side steps and.....Sweet Chin Music.....BUT, BUT, BUT....Sting caught Shawn's leg!!!!! He kicks the other leg out from under Shawn! Shawn falls on his back. Sting grabs both legs and goes for the Scorpion Death Lock....but Shawn wiggles his way to the ropes before he can hook it. Earl calls Sting to move back. He does. Shawn gets up, but Sting goes right after him and plants him in the corner. Sting goes back about half way across the ring and then runs for the Stinger Splash. He goes all the way across the ring now and then runs. He hits the Stinger Splash again!!!! He brings Shawn out from the corner, goes behind him for the Scorpion Death Drop, but Sting twists around. Sting has him in a DDT situation, but Shawn pushes him back. Sting bounces off the ropes and comes to as Shawn, WHAM.....Sweet Chin Music!!! He connected!!! Sting is down. Shawn stumbles and then leans on the ropes. It took a lot out of him.

JR: "He hit it but it wasn't his best kick!"

Sting starts to move. He slowly gets up....ever so slowly! Sting is on his feet as he turns. Shawn gets off the ropes and.....SWEET CHIN MUSIC.......Sting grabs Shawn's leg once again. He spins Shawn around and grabs him from behind! Scorpion Death Drop!!!!!!!!! Sting covers: 1-2-3!!!!! Winner: Sting

JR: "What a match! What a classic! This match was amazing! I have to say, it could be the best OFWC match yet! This is what OFWC is all about!" Sting and Shawn are both down from this hectic match. This match has taken everything out from both stars. Suddenly, the arena goes black. The lights are then turned back on and.....Sting is nowhere to be found! He is gone!"

Jerry: "What one amazing and crazy night! This will be remembered for quite sometime! Everyone, this was OFWC- Exceptionally Historic" The show fades.

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