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Saturday, February 25, 2012

OFWC: Triple H vs. Samoa Joe

The show starts with a camera shot showing the entire crowd inside Tampa Bay Times Forum. The entire audience stands as they show off their signs and faces. The crowd screams as the energy in the building is amazing.

JR: "Welcome everyone to another week of OFWC! I am Jim Ross and Jerry "The King" Lawler is with me. We are bringing you another match right here this week! Last week was a pretty insane battle and I can expect this one to turn out the same. We have to slobber knocker competitors fighting. Both are going to give it their all!"

Jerry: "We have a sold-out crowd of 19,000 fans here! These fans are going to be in for a treat! Alright, let's begin!" The camera turns to the entrance stage as the lights dim and turn green. Music hits and here comes The Game!

Gene: "This match is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, resigning from Greenwich, Connecticut, weighting in at 255 pounds, The Game, Triple H!" Triple H comes on stage with his head down. He takes a swig of water and spits it up in the air. He walks down the ramp with a purpose. The fans are going wild. He gets to the bottom of the ramp and turns to walk around the ring. He takes a gulp of water and releases the bottle. He hops up to one side of the ring. He stands on the apron as he looks left and right. He tilts his head down and then lifts it up, as with his arms. He sprays the water out as a spotlight is on him.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

OFWC: Undertaker vs. Abyss

JR: "Hello everyone and welcome to another week of OFWC! I am Jim Ross and Jerry "The King" Lawler. We are here in the All State Arena in Chicago! While this may be called the windy city, it will soon be thunderous!"

Jerry: "Thunderous on account of the match tonight! This sold-out crowd is going to witness one great match-up. It's going to be two huge monsters battling it out int he ring. While people always wonder who is the biggest and baddest man, they will soon find out!" The camera changes from showing the commentators to showing the entire arena. The entire crowd is standing as fireworks explode from the stage. They shoot high in the air and then another set of fireworks go off above the ring. What a spectacular opening! As the smoke clears, music plays and red lights shine through the entire building. Here comes The Monster! Here comes Abyss!

Gene: "This match is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, weighing in at 350 pounds, standing 6 feet 8 inches.....he is The Monster.....Abyss!" Abyss walks on stage and looks around. He then walks down the ramp. As he gets to the middle, he looks right in the camera that is beside him. He brings his arms up and makes an "X" close to his chest. Flames shoot up on stage behind him. He continues down the ramp. He looks at the crowd with his head tilted sideways. He then walks up the steps and steps over the three ropes. He walks around the ring and then turns to the stage. Just then, the lights go out. The arena is dark. The bells are heard. They ring twice and then music starts. A spotlight shines on stage as smoke fills the floor of the stage and ramp. Undertaker appears through the curtain with his deadman cape and hat. He stops at the edge of the stage. He then walks slowly down the ramp as flames shoot up behind him. He continues his way down as the entrance gives everyone goosebumps. Abyss looks on. "Introducing his opponent, weighing in at 299 pounds, standing 6 feet 10 inches.....The Deadman....The Undertaker!" Undertaker makes his way to the steps. He lifts up his cape and takes each step. He then gets to the top, raises his arms and let there be light. The lights in the arena are bright again. He then walks on the apron, goes through the second rope and stands up. He lifts his arms, takes off his hat from the front as his eyes roll in the back of his head. He gives the hat up and then takes off his cape....

Friday, February 10, 2012

OFWC: Edge vs. AJ Styles in a Ladder Match

The camera shows the sold-out arena of Madison Square Garden. It switches to the commentators at ringside.

JR: "Welcome everyone to another episode of OFWC! This is Online Fantasy Wrestling Company we are in for a treat tonight! I thought last week was a great match, but this week is even better!"

Jerry: "That is right. Tonight is going to be Edge vs. AJ Styles. It is not going to be in any norma match though....it will be in a Ladder Match! There are no words to describe what this match might bring!"

The camera switches to the stage as music plays. AJ Styles appears first. As he walks on stage, he goes through sparks that come sailing down from above. The crowd does a huge cheer. He puts down his arms and struts his way down the ramp. He walks up the steel steps and gets in the ring. After he is settled, music plays again, but this time it's Edge! Edge comes running on stage as the crowd roars. He walks a couple feet down the ramp, stops and then raises his arms as fireworks explode in the air behind him. He continues his way down the ramp and then slides in the ring. He gets to his feet and climbs a corner to give fans a chance to take some pictures. He gets down and takes off his coat.

Friday, February 3, 2012

OFWC: Bret Hart vs. John Cena

The show starts off with Jim Ross and Jerry "The King" Lawler sitting behind the commentator's desk at ringside.

JR: "Welcome everyone to the very first episode of OFWC! That stands for Online Fantasy Wrestling Company. This means just that. Each and every week we will bring you never before seen matches or classic and epic matches that you seen and want to relive. I just can't wait to see what type of matches we are going to witness here on OFWC!"

Jerry: "Are you going to let me talk or are you going to hog up this entire show? Anyway, I am ecstatic! You never know what to expect to see here on OFWC! That is what I love about this. So unpredictable. It's going to be great!"

JR: "This is the first showing and we are going to kick it off with a bang with this match. Truly amazing!" "Mean" Gene Okerlund is in the ring with a microphone as he announces this match.

Music plays and here comes the first superstar to the ring.