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Saturday, February 18, 2012

OFWC: Undertaker vs. Abyss

JR: "Hello everyone and welcome to another week of OFWC! I am Jim Ross and Jerry "The King" Lawler. We are here in the All State Arena in Chicago! While this may be called the windy city, it will soon be thunderous!"

Jerry: "Thunderous on account of the match tonight! This sold-out crowd is going to witness one great match-up. It's going to be two huge monsters battling it out int he ring. While people always wonder who is the biggest and baddest man, they will soon find out!" The camera changes from showing the commentators to showing the entire arena. The entire crowd is standing as fireworks explode from the stage. They shoot high in the air and then another set of fireworks go off above the ring. What a spectacular opening! As the smoke clears, music plays and red lights shine through the entire building. Here comes The Monster! Here comes Abyss!

Gene: "This match is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, weighing in at 350 pounds, standing 6 feet 8 inches.....he is The Monster.....Abyss!" Abyss walks on stage and looks around. He then walks down the ramp. As he gets to the middle, he looks right in the camera that is beside him. He brings his arms up and makes an "X" close to his chest. Flames shoot up on stage behind him. He continues down the ramp. He looks at the crowd with his head tilted sideways. He then walks up the steps and steps over the three ropes. He walks around the ring and then turns to the stage. Just then, the lights go out. The arena is dark. The bells are heard. They ring twice and then music starts. A spotlight shines on stage as smoke fills the floor of the stage and ramp. Undertaker appears through the curtain with his deadman cape and hat. He stops at the edge of the stage. He then walks slowly down the ramp as flames shoot up behind him. He continues his way down as the entrance gives everyone goosebumps. Abyss looks on. "Introducing his opponent, weighing in at 299 pounds, standing 6 feet 10 inches.....The Deadman....The Undertaker!" Undertaker makes his way to the steps. He lifts up his cape and takes each step. He then gets to the top, raises his arms and let there be light. The lights in the arena are bright again. He then walks on the apron, goes through the second rope and stands up. He lifts his arms, takes off his hat from the front as his eyes roll in the back of his head. He gives the hat up and then takes off his cape....

Abyss vs. The Undertaker

The bell rings and the match begins. The Undertaker and Abyss slowly walk up to each other. They stand at each other's feet in the middle of the ring. The Undertaker is slightly taller than Abyss, but it's hard to tell. Abyss lifts his head up a little bit and mouths something. He then tilts his head to the left. The Undertaker steps one foot back, lifts his arms and does the "throat cutting" sign. Abyss' eyes get huge as he brings his head up. He shakes his head "no" and BAM....punches Undertaker right in the head. Undertaker stumbles, but then stands straight up with wide eyes and right to the face of Abyss. He then lifts his hand and CHOKES Abyss! He squeezes harder and harder. He is trying to take Abyss out already! Abyss lifts his arm and CHOPS Taker's. It breaks the choke. Abyss walks back as he holds his throat. He leans against the ropes as Taker approaches. He gets near, but Abyss kicks him right in the gut. He leans forward and punches him in the face again.

JR: "Abyss' punches are positioned to really strike. They really sting you!"

Taker stumbles back and Abyss follows. He does another right and puts Taker in the corner. Abyss kicks him in the gut several times and then does a couple more punches. Abyss walks away, quickly turns around, and runs toward Undertaker. He smashes him right in the corner. Taker's head bounces back. Abyss steps back and Taker slips down. He sits on the mat while leaning back in the corner. Abyss takes his foot and puts it right against Taker's throat. Now he is choking him. The referee counts and Abyss breaks at 4 1/2. Abyss reaches down and gets Undertaker up......BUT....Undertaker grabs the throat of Abyss! Taker gets to his feet and takes his other hand and grabs the throat. He turns around and puts Abyss right in the corner. Taker then does his boxer style as he nails rights and lefts into the gut, ribs, chest, and face of Abyss. Abyss is wobbly. Taker does a huge right and it sends Abyss leaning over the ropes. Taker grabs him, brings him out of the corner and twists his arm. He twists it again and then puts an elbow to it. Taker walks over to the corner, climbs it and goes old school. He walks the top rope like a tight rope. He goes to fly, but Abyss goes forward, hits the ropes, pushes Taker back and.....GOOD GOD....Taker falls back and shoulder first onto the apron. He bounce off that and falls right to the floor.

Jerry: "What a sick landing!"

JR: "Taker shouldn't be taking those kind of bumps!"

Abyss walks over and gets out of the ring. He grabs Undertaker's head and gets him to his feet. He brings him over and SMASHES his head onto the steel ring steps! Taker leans over the steps in pain. Abyss grabs Taker and takes him across the side. He then picks him up from the front, walks and RAMS him back first into the steel post!!! He lets Taker go and he falls down chest and face first. Abyss looks around as the fans boo. Abyss applies a little smile to his face. He then grabs Taker to have him up again. He then lifts him up walks over to the announcer's table. He brings him up and then drops him down.....BOOM!

JR: "Come on, we work here! Put it back in the ring!"

Taker flops back to the ground once more. The referee is up to 7! Abyss walks over, slides in the ring, and then tries to slide out just in time. His odd shape body makes it hard but he successfully restarts the count. Abyss grabs Taker and brings him back in the ring. Abyss steps up to the apron and over the ropes again. Undertaker is flat on his back. Abyss walks over and plants a huge leg drop! Abyss covers: 1-2-OH! Abyss knew it wouldn't be over yet. He gets Taker up and whips him in the corner. Abyss goes to the opposing corner, raises his arms, and starts. He is like a train! He goes to smash into Undertaker....but Taker quickly moves out of the way and Abyss goes right into the corner. He bounces back. Taker runs into the ropes and goes for a closeline, but it doesn't knock Abyss down. He stumbles though. Undertaker runs into the ropes again but the same result occurs. Taker goes for the third time. He runs to Abyss.....OH NO....Abyss knocks Taker down with a huge big boot! He then drops an elbow into the head of Taker.

Jerry: "I thought they say the third time is a charm! I guess there is no charm between these two guys!"

Abyss turns over and covers: 1-2-NO! Abyss gets Taker up, lifts him up to the side of him and plants a side walk slam. He covers again but Undertaker kicks out at two! Abyss gets to his feet and looks around the arena. The fans boo him more. He goes back to Taker, bends over to pick him up, but Taker lifts his hand and does a huge uppercut to Abyss. Abyss bounces up. Taker then rises. He looks at Abyss and then gets to his feet. He does a huge right to Abyss' head and another uppercut! Abyss stumbles back. Taker does more punches and then kicks and it finally knocks Abyss back in the corner. Taker runs to the opposing corner. He runs to Abyss and smashes him in the corner. He runs away, turns around, and smashes Abyss once more. Abyss comes out of the corner. Taker lifts Abyss up on his shoulders....HOLY COW.....and then drops him for the snake eyes! Abyss comes back as Taker bounces off the ropes. He kicks him with a big boot.....AND ABYSS FALLS!!!

JR: "The deadman was able to do it!"

Abyss doesn't stay down for long though. He gets back up. Taker goes to him again with a few more kicks and then a couple twists of his arm. Taker climbs the corner to attempt it again! Old School.....successfully accomplished!!! It made Abyss fall to his knees. Taker grabs his head and smashes down for a DDT! Both men are down though. Abyss lying on his chest while Taker on his back. Just then, Taker rises. The crowd does a huge pop. He gets to his feet and waits. Abyss slowly stirs. He crawls to the ropes. He uses them to get up. He turns around. Taker grabs Abyss by the throat! Chokeslam time!!! Abyss uses his arm to break the choke though. He then pushes Taker back. He bounces off the ropes, comes forward and......Black Hole Slam!!!! Taker is flat on the mat!!! Abyss covers: 1-2-OHHHHH!

Abyss thought that was the end! His mouth is wide open. He then grabs his hair, pulls it and it comes right out of his skull! Abyss grabs Taker and gets to his feet. He then grabs Taker by the throat! He goes for a chokeslam of his own! JUST THEN....Taker lifts his arm and breaks the choke. He grabs Abyss by the throat again, lifts him up....chokeslam!!!! He did it!

Jerry: "The chokeslam from hell! You can feel it!!"

Undertaker stumbles back from the impact. Abyss lied there but now stirs. He turns to his side and puts his leg out. He slowly gets up. Taker eyes him down. Abyss gets to a vertical base! He turns around and whips his hair back. As he does, Taker comes forward and lifts Abyss up! OH MY!!!!! He has him on his shoulders in unbelievable strength! He then brings him forward, slides him down and.....Taker drops to his knees for one amazing tombstone piledriver! WHAM! BAM! Taker crosses the arms of Abyss on his own chest. Earl Hebner gets down and counts: 1-2-3! Winner: The Undertaker

Jerry: "Victory! Victory! What a sensational victory! These two monsters battled it out! There is only one real monster though! Looks like we found out! The Undertaker prevails!" The Undertaker fell over once the 3 count was made. He slowly gets up using the ropes. The crowd is going crazy! Abyss is motionless. Taker walks over, drops down to one knee as the lights fade and a spotlight shines on the deadman. He does his famous victory pose but without much strength and energy left!

JR: "Thank you everyone for another edition of OFWC! These shows are just getting better and better! Just what might next week bring? How knows! It won't disappoint though! See you next time on OFWC....where OWFC is- Exceptionally Historic" The show fades.

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