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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Kurt Angle vs. Daniel Bryan

OFWC cameras roll as they show inside the Consol Energy Center in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania.  Fireworks explode from the entrance stage.  They shoot in the air once after another and then all of them combined together.  The crowd is standing on their feet with their signs in the air and their voices projected throughout the arena.

Jerry: "Everyone, welcome to another edition of OFWC!  We haven't had a match in quite awhile, but we are back and we are ready to go!"

JR: "That is right, Jerry.  You, of course, since you didn't introduce yourself, are Jerry "The King" Lawler while I am Jim Ross.  Since we haven't had a match for sometime, we are going to make that up to you right now.  We have one tremendous match.  This is going to be a wrestling match.  It's a pure slobber knocker!  Let's get to it as I can't wait and neither can this sold-out crowd!"

Music plays and the crowd instantly cheers.  Why?  Because it is the man who lives here!  Kurt Angle comes through the curtain as his music plays.  He walks down the ramp and stops.

As he does, "Mean Gene" Okerlund gives his introduction.  Kurt raises his arms and fireworks explode up behind him.  He continues to walk once the fireworks stop.  He gets in the ring and hops around in a circle while his Olympic Gold Medal flops in the air.

His music stops.  Kurt Angle waits for his opponent.  Just then, music hits and here comes his opponent.  It is: Daniel Bryan!  Bryan jumps on stage as he shouts, "Yes, yes, yes!"  Bryan makes his way down the ramp as "Mean Gene" Okerlund introduces him.

Bryan gets in the ring and looks at his opponent.  Kurt is in one corner while Bryan is in the opposing.  Earl Hebner is standing in the middle of the ring.  He goes to Kurt Angle and checks his pads, singlet and boots.  Kurt is clean.  Bryan is checked and he is also clean.  Earl calls for the bell.  Ding, ding, ding!

Kurt Angle vs. Daniel Bryan

Kurt and Bryan move around the ring.  They slow down and stop where they are at.  They look around at the crowd.  Nearly every fan is chanting for Kurt.  Kurt looks at Bryan and Bryan looks down from the crowd to Kurt.  They move in and....finally lock-up!  There is no chance though as Kurt bends down to his knees and takes Bryan over his head.  Bryan lands on his back.  Kurt slides around and applies a quick headlock.  Bryan squirms his body around so he can quickly get to his knees and feet.  Bryan elbows Kurt in the gut once....twice...and Kurt releases it.  Bryan kicks Kurt right in the gut.  As Kurt bends over, Bryan applies a headlock takedown.  Bryan is right on top of Kurt.

JR: "This is why Kurt is probably the best wrestler ever.  As he is down and Bryan is on top, Kurt still has one shoulder up.  He knows a pin can be counted if that shoulder was down.  Very wise!"

Kurt rolls his body back while holding onto Bryan!  Oh, Bryan's shoulders are down and Earl counts: 1-2-OH!  Bryan kicks out as he lets go of the headlock.  Both quickly get up.  BAM, Angle does a huge right hand to the face of Bryan.  Bryan baks up on impact.  Kurt does another and Bryan moves back again.  Kurt hits one more and Bryan is in the corner.  Kurt kicks him in the gut and then whips him in the  corner.  Kurt runs to him.....BUT.....Bryan moves at the last second.  Kurt goes sternum first into the corner.  He hits it hard.  Kurt stumbles back.  Bryan hits a right forearm shot to Kurt's face.  He does another and Kurt is against the ropes.  Bryan whips him in the ropes.  Kurt comes back and Bryan goes for a closeline, but Kurt ducks.  Both turn around to face each other.  At that moment, Kurt locks his arms around Bryan and hits a beautiful belly to belly suplex!!

Jerry: "Look at the quickness of both of these men!  Truly inspiring!"

Bryan bounces off the mat from that move and he bounced right through the bottom rope.  Bryan falls to the outside.  Kurt gets up and sees what happened.  Kurt raises his arms and the crowd cheers.  Kurt then gets out of the ring.  He walks toward Bryan as he gets back to his feet.  Kurt goes for a right hand, but Bryan blocks it and does a kick right to the ribs of Angle.  Angle backs up in pain.  Daniel moves forward and does another kick.  Kurt walks away holding his ribs.  Bryan tries to follow up.  He grabs Kurt, whips him around and SMASHES his head right into the ring apron.  He then whips him around to slam it into the steel steps, but Kurt elbows his way out of Bryan's arm reach.  Kurt rolls back in the ring.  Bryan gets in.  Both get up.  Bryan runs to Kurt, but Kurt ducks and sends Bryan in the air!  Oh, what a back body drop!  Bryan quickly gets up and goes for a roundhouse kick to the head of Angle, but Angle ducks.  He locks his arms around Bryan from behind and.....german suplex!!!  Kurt still has it locked.  He gets up and.....german suplex #2!  He gets up while it's locked and hits german suplex #3.  Kurt is not letting go.  He gets to his feet, lifts up and hits german suplex #4.  There is no stopping him!  Angle gets to his feet.  He goes for the 5th, but as he lifts Bryan up, Bryan locks his legs around the waist of Kurt.  Bryan rolls forward and so does Kurt into....a pin: 1-2-NOOOO!

JR: "Oh, what a counter!  What a close call!"

Both quickly get to their feet.  This time Bryan attempts and HITS the roundhouse kick to the head of Kurt.  Kurt stumbles and then falls on his back.  Bryan looks around and a light bulb goes off in his head. Bryan climbs a corner.  He goes to the very top.  He stands straight up.  He jumps and.....HEADBUTT!!!!!

Jerry: "THAT WAS INSANE!  I don't know who that hurt more!  This is a classic!"

Bryan slowly crawls over to Kurt and covers him: 1-2-NO!  No three with no hook of the leg.  Bryan can't believe it.  He gets on his hands and knees and then to his feet.  He grabs Kurt and gets him up.  Bryan screams as he whips Kurt in the corner.....OH, what a hard whip.  Bryan runs and......OH MY.....a running dropkick right to Kurt's chest right in the corner.  Kurt's head bounces back.  He falls forward to the mat.  Bryan turns him over and covers: 1-2-FOOT ON THE ROPES!  Bryan screams!  Bryan gets Kurt up, but Kurt spins him around, grabs him and hits.....the Angle Slam!!!!!  Daniel is down and out.  Kurt is laying there too.  Kurt slowly turns over.  He gets up to his feet.  He sees the whole picture right now.  He's going to run with it.  Kurt takes down his singlet and walks to the corner.  He climbs the first to second rope and second to third rope.  Kurt is on top.  His back is facing the ring.  Just then......GOOD GOD ALMIGHTY......Kurt flies with a moonsault!  BUT, BUT, BUT.....Bryan puts his knees up and nails Kurt with them!!!!  Kurt rolls around in severe pain!  Bryan follows up.  He locks in the LeBell Lock!

JR: "Oh, he has it locked!  This could be over!"

Kurt is right in the middle of the ring.  He can't reach the ropes.  He is screaming in pain while Bryan is screaming to add more pressure.  Kurt has his arm raised.  He is going to tap....he is going to tap!  Just then, Kurt slams his hand on the mat.  He pushes his body up and......WOW.....rolls through the lock.  As he rolls through, he grabs Bryan's leg.  He twists and turns himself and Bryan around and....ANKLE LOCK!  Now Bryan is screaming because he is in pain and Kurt is screaming to add more pressure.  Daniel is crawling to the ropes, but Angle quickly pulls him back to the middle of the ring.  Bryan gets his body up and rolls through.  Kurt follows, but doesn't let go of the ankle.  He gets up and gives more pressure than ever!!!!  Bryan is out of luck!  What is he going to do!  Bryan lifts his arm to crawl but.....HE TAPS, HE TAPS, HE TAPS!  Kurt releases the lock!  "Mean Gene" Okerlund announces the winner as music plays.  Winner: Kurt Angle

JR: "What an instant classic!  These two are the best technical wrestlers out there.  They can pull out everything.  I know we didn't see everything from these two.  It is the first and we know that Kurt Angle is the golden ticket winner!"

Jerry: "As Kurt celebrates in the ring, we have to go.  That is all for us.  Thank you for joining us here on OFWC- Exceptionally Historic!"  The show fades

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