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Saturday, April 7, 2012

The Rock vs. CM Punk

OFWC kicks off with Jerry “The King” Lawler and Jim Ross behind the announcer’s desk as ringside.

JR: “Welcome everyone to another match here on OFWC. We have seen some tremendous matches so far but I think the best is yet to come!”

Jerry: “We haven’t hit the tip of the iceberg yet, JR. We have plenty of matches to come as the possibilities are endless!” The camera shows the entrance stage as fireworks explode in the air. The fireworks in itself are a show. After they end, the entire crowd stands as they are hyped up and read to go!

Music plays and the crowd roars. It’s CM Punk. "Mean Gene" Okerlund introduces Punk as he comes out and walks around on stage. He then makes his way down the ramp.

He slides in the ring. He goes to the corners to get an even bigger crowd reaction. He jumps down and stands in the middle of the ring to wait for his opponent.

Punk’s music stops. The crowd becomes silent. The arena is silent. Just then, you hear, “Do you smell what The Rock is cooking?” and the crowd pops like never before. They stand to their feet as Rock comes out on stage. With his music playing, he comes intently down the ramp. He walks up the ring steps and across the apron. He climbs the corner and raises his one arm and one eyebrow.

JR: “This stance is amazing. Every time he does this, the crowd can’t help but pop. He knows how to work an audience.”

The Rock turns his attention to Punk as he stands in the middle of the ring. The Rock gets down and in the ring. He stares at Punk. Earl Hebner checks on each star to confirm if they are ready. Both are. Earl signals for the bell.

CM Punk vs. The Rock

The match begins and both walk around the ring. The crowd is red hot. Half the crowd chants for Rocky while the other half chants for Punk. They slow down to a complete stop. Each soak the moment up. They look around at the arena and then at each other. The quickly move in and lock-up. Each push each other but it doesn’t last as Rock pushes Punk back and he falls right on his back. Punk rolls around and looks up at Rock. Half of the crowd cheers. Punk gets up and realizes that Punk can oust him in a strength contest. Punk walks around the ring and Rock follows on the opposite side. They move in and lock-up. This time Punk pushes Rock down and applies a side headlock. He wrenches on the hold while Rock moves back. They are against the ropes. Rock pushes Punk off and Punk sails into the ropes. He comes back and Rock goes for a closeline, but Punk ducks. Both turn around to face each other and Punk does a huge slap to the face. The other half of the crowd cheers. Rock’s head turned sideways from it. He feels his face and then turns back to Punk. He does a little smile and BOOM....he does a right hand and then another and another and another. Punk backs up each time. Punk is against the ropes. Rock lifts his arm up, looks at his hand and finally.....BAM....a huge right hand that sends Punk right over the ropes. Punk hits the apron and falls right on the ring mats.

JR: “What a hit! Rock loves those rights!”

Rock gets out of the ring. Punk gets to his feet. Rock turns him around and Punk does a right and to the face and then a kick to the gut. He grabs Rock’s head and RAMS it into the ring barricade. The fans right there are going wild. Rock bounces up from the impact. Punk grabs Rock and slams him back first into the ring apron. Rock screams in pain. Punk rolls Rock in. The referee is up to the count of 7. Punk gets on the apron and stops. Rock gets up in the middle of the ring. Punk jumps on the top rope and sails!!!! OH, what a flying closeline. He nails Rock. Punk covers: 1-2-OH! Punk gets The Rock to his feet. Rock pushes Punk back to stand on his own feet. Punk goes back over and does a side kick to the ribs of Rock. He then does another side kick to the other side. He then does a kick to Rock’s thigh. He does a right hand and then a left hand and then a back hand across Rock’s face. Rock stumbles. Punk goes for a roundhouse kick to the head, but Rock ducks. Punk spins around and Rock kicks him in the gut and plants a huge DDT! Both are down. Rock suddenly stirs. Rock gets to his feet and Punk is slowly after. Both walk to each other. Rock kicks Punk in the gut and whips him in the ropes. Punk comes back and Rock lifts him up for a samoan drop, but Punk slides out. Punk grabs Rock from behind and RAMS him sternum first into the corner. Punk runs back and then runs forward and splashes on Rock into the corner. Punk turns Rock over. He runs to the opposite side of the ring. He runs across, jumps, goes to a knee to the chest, but Rock moved away at the last second. Punk knees the corner. He drops down and holds his knee in pain. Rock takes Punk to the middle of the ring, lifts him up and hits a suplex. Rock rolls over and applies a headlock on the down Punk. He works on the head. Punk may be in trouble here!

JR: “Can Punk have enough energy to get out of this?”

Half of the crowd claps for Punk. Punk slowly moves. He gets to his knees and then to his feet. The lock is still on. Punk elbows Rock in the gut. He then does it again. Punk, quickly, slides down and brings his head forward. Rock releases the hold as he gets flung forward right into the second turnbuckle. He went face first. Rock gets to his feet. Punk jumps up and does a swift round house kick and it knocks Rock back into the corner. Punk runs back and then forward and finally hits the running knee lift. Punk grabs Rock’s head. He goes for the bulldog, but Rock pushes him away. Punk comes back.....BUT, BUT, BUT.....Rock locks the rock bottom. He goes for it, but Punk elbows his way out. Rock turns around and Punk kicks him in the gut. He lifts him up.....GTS.....but Rock slides out. Punk turns around, Rock locks in the rock bottom. Lifts him up and HITS IT!!! Rock covers: 1-2-NOOO!

Jerry: “What a match! That was so close! The match keeps going!”

Rock gets Punk up to his feet. He locks in another rock bottom. He goes for it, but Punk slides down, grabs Rock’s leg and pulls it out from under him. Rock falls flat on his face. Punk locks in a half boston crab. He wrenches the leg back and Rock screams in pain. Rock crawls on to the ropes. Punk pulls him back though. Rock crawls again and.....REACHES IT! Earl counts: 1-2-3-4 and Punk releases the hold. Punk gets Rock to his feet. He does a right hand. He kicks Rock in the gut and then whips him in the ropes, but Rock reverses it. Punk bounces off the ropes. He comes forward and Rock lifts him up.....SPINEBUSTER! Punk is down. Half of the crowd pops. Rock stands above Punk’s head. He takes off his right elbow pad and swings his arms!

Jerry: “Here we go JR!”

Rock runs into the ropes. He comes back, jumps over Punk, and continues into the ropes. He comes back, but Punk jumps up and lifts Rock right up on his shoulders. He brings him down for the GTS!!!!!! Punk covers: 1-2-AHHHH! Rock kicked out! Punk can’t believe it! Punk spins around and.....anaconda vise!!!!! Rock quickly squirms and wraps his feet around the ropes. Earl counts to 3 and Punk releases it. He drags Rock to the middle of the ring. He bends over to lock the vise again, but Rock grabs Punk for a roll-up: 1-2-NO! Both quickly get up and Rock does a right hand. Punk returns the favor. Rock does it again and Punk does it again. Rock kicks Punk in the gut and then a right. Punk bounces off the ropes. He comes forward and roundhouse kick. Rock stumbles. Punk lifts him up for GTS.....but Rock slides out, takes the legs out from under him and straps in the sharpshooter!

JR: “Unique way to lock it in!”

Punk crawls and crawls but Rock pulls him back. Rock leans back and down more to make the lock more effective. Punk slowly tries to break it. He then stops. He is in agony. He reaches for it but can’t reach it. He lifts up his hand to tap.....but suddenly he does one more crawl and grabs the ropes! Rock releases it and falls to the mat. Rock rolls over to his back. Punk uses the ropes to get up and it looks like that is the only way for him to get up. He slowly turns around and.....WOW....Rock hops up. His eyes are huge and his stare is intimidating!!! Punk becomes hesitant! Punk goes for a punch, but Rock blocks it. He does a punch and then another. Rock backs up and then goes for a closeline, but Punk ducks. Both turn around to face each other and Rock puts the rock bottom on! He lifts Punk up and.....HITS IT! Rock gets to his feet and swings his arms quickly. He then bounces off the ropes in both directions and SMASHES his elbow right in the heart of Punk! Rock covers: 1-2-3!!! Winner: The Rock

JR: “The Rock has done it in what was an epic match! What a back and forth battle these two gave! Tremendous contest!”

Rock’s music hits as he stands to his feet. He is exhausted and so is the crowd, but they are all standing cheering for Rocky. Rock climbs the corner and raises his arm in the air.

Jerry: “Now that is what I call a match! Everyone, thanks for joining us here on OFWC- Exceptionally Historic!” The show fades.

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