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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Chris Jericho vs. Brock Lesnar

OFWC's lights turn on.  The cameras start rolling.  The Consel Energy Center in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania is sold-out.  The whole audience is on their feet!  They are cheering and screaming, but it can't be heard at this moment as fireworks explode from the OFWC entrance stage and above the ring.

Jerry: "Welcome everyone to OFWC!  I am Jerry "The King" Lawler and I have my great assistant here with me, J.R., Jim Ross, and we have one tremendous show for you tonight!

JR: "So you think I am your assistant, Jerry?  Anyway, you are right about one thing.  We do have one tremendous show as we have one epic match coming to you!  It is going to be Chris Jericho vs. Brock Lesnar.  These two have so much history.....not against each other, but in their careers.  Both are completely different inside and outside of the ring.  We been waiting to have the Code Breaker meet up with the F-5!  It is finally going to happen!  I can't wait!  I am stoked!"

Just then, music blasts throughout the arena, "Break the walls down!"  Fireworks explode in the air after the phrase.  Chris Jericho slowly walks on the stage.  He has a cocky and arrogant look on his face.  He struts his stuff as he comes down the ramp.

The crowd has mixed reactions towards him.  "Mean Gene" Okerlund introduces him.  Jericho walks up the steel steps and gets in the ring.  He walks around to get a glimpse of the impressive crowd turnout.  Suddenly, the lights go out out and the titan tron plays.  It shows the face of.....Brock Lesnar!  The music hits and Brock comes out through the curtain.  He stays on the stage as he does a bounce/hop back and forth to each leg.  He then raises his arms and the lights come on.  Brock walks down the ramp looking better than ever.  Okerlund introduces Brock to the ring.  Lesnar gets to the end of the ramp and turns to walk up the steps.  As he turns, a fan reaches out and touches Brock.  Lesnar quickly turns to him and yells, "Get your f'n hands off me!"  Brock saying it loud enough made the fans around him boo like mad.  Brock turns back and runs up the steps.  He gets in the ring and shows his impressive stature to Chris.

Brock and Chris look at each other.  Earl Hebner is the referee.  He looks at both of them and calls for the bell.

Chris Jericho vs. Brock Lesnar

Jericho moves around the ring while Brock slowly turns to follow him.  Jericho has a plan set in as he tries to be fast enough to catch Brock off guard.  Jericho dives in to grab Lesnar's leg and take him down, but Lesnar backs up fast enough.  Jericho gets back to a vertical base.  He continues to move.  Brock puts his hand up.  He wants a strength test.  Jericho stops in his tracks.  He ponders but then decides to agree.  He puts his hand up and locks it with Brock's.  Lesnar puts his other hand up.  Jericho goes to follow, but Brock bends down, drives his shoulder into the gut of Jericho and rams him straight back.  He puts Jericho in the corner and gives multiple shoulder shots to the gut of Chris.  Earl gets right in there and counts.  He gets up to four.  Brock backs up and stands straight up.  He goes to Jericho, but Jericho quickly grabs Brock and pushes him in the corner.  Jericho does a right hand and another right.  He then does a huge knife edge chop.  It doesn't fade Brock.  Brock stares Jericho down.  Chris isn't giving up.  He does rights and lefts now.  He is continuous.  He starts adding in the chops.

Jerry: "It's going to take a lot more than that to get Brock on his knees."

Jericho stops and takes a step back.  Brock is a bit weary but nothing serious.  Jericho is pretty upset.  He steps forward, looks Brock right in the face and SLAPS him.  Brock's head almost did a 360 from the impact.  Brock turns his head rapidly and stares at Jericho with a death glare.  All of a sudden, he grabs Jericho with his right hand, gets out of the corner, and puts Jericho in it.  He does his shoulder shots again and then multiple right hands.  Earl counts to four.  Brock backs up but comes back.  He kicks Jericho in the gut multiple times.  He grabs Jericho's head, but Chris slides down and rolls out of the ring.

JR: "Smart move on Jericho's part.  He needs to regroup.  He needs to focus.  Plus, he wants Brock to calm down."

Jericho walks around the side of the ring.  Earl counts as he is on the outside.  Brock wants to go out, but Earl won't allow him.  Jericho has enough guts to slide back in.  He stands.  Brock and Chris stare at each other again.  They move full force at each other and lock-up.  Both push each other but there is not a match.  Brock throws Jericho back.  Jericho falls and rolls over.  Jericho lands on his knees.  He looks up at Brock in astonishment.  What power!  Jericho gets up and walks around the edge of the ring.  He does a quick skip that makes him go to Brock.  Brock tries to grab him, but Jericho bends over.  Jericho gets behind Brock and pounds the heck out of his back.  It's a combination of forearm and elbow shots!  Brock winces from the beat down.  Brock walks over to the ropes and holds on.  Earl counts to four.  Jericho backs up.  Brock is hunched over from the pain.  He slowly stands straight.  As he does, Jericho hits a low dropkick to the leg of Brock.  Brock does down immediately.  Brock also goes through the ropes to the outside.  Brock is still on his feet, but is limping.  The crowd starts to get behind Jericho.  Jericho raises his arm and they cheer.  Chris runs to the side of the ring where Brock went through.  Chris jumps on the second rope and then jumps back and left.  OH MY......Jericho sails in the air!  He flies all the way outside and lands right on Brock!  With Brock's leg, he falls!  Jericho slowly gets up and the crowd is going insane!  Jericho adds a smile on his face.  Earl starts to count.  Jericho reaches down and slowly gets Brock up.  He knees Brock in the gut and SMASHES his head against the apron.  Then, he is able to grab Brock's body and ram him back first into the guard rail!  Brock screams in pain.  Earl is up to the count of 7.  Jericho realizes it and whips Brock into the ring.  Jericho slides back in, turns Brock over slowly and covers: 1-2-OH!

JR: "Jericho pinpointed a body part, attacked it and now it allows him to capitalize on the entire figure of Brock Lesnar."

Jericho gets up and stomps on the knee.  He then stomps on the chest and shoulder of Brock.  Jericho gets down and applies a headlock from behind.  He wrenches it in.  Brock does not like to be in this uncomfortable state.  He starts to get his huge body up.  Brock turns to get on his knees and then up to his feet.  He elbows Chris in the gut and then pushes him in the ropes.  Jericho comes back.  Brock closelines him, but Jericho ducks.  Both turn around to face each other and Jericho spits right in the face.  The crowd goes crazy while Brock's eyes become huge.  Brock, out of nowhere, does a huge right hand to Jericho and it knocks Jericho down as well as his teeth down his throat.  Brock quickly gets Jericho up.  He lifts him up and body slams him.  Lesnar gets him up to his feet again.  He whips Chris into the corner.  Brock runs to him and SMASHES him in the corner.  He then whips Jericho in the ropes.  Jericho comes and Lesnar does one huge big boot!  Chris is down!  Brock covers and Earl counts: 1-2-NO!  Brock gets Jericho up and locks his hands around his body.  Brock applies the bear hug.

Jerry: "Brock is so huge, he certainly looks like a bear.  This move fights him perfectly!"

As Brock wrenches more and more, Jericho starts to fade.  He fades more and more.  Earl lifts Jericho's arm up and it falls.  1!  He lifts it up again and it falls.  2!  He lifts it up one more time.  3!......NO!  Jericho brings it up and the crowd pops.  Jericho is getting energy.  He grabs Brock's head with one hand and is able to throw a punch with the other.  He does another punch and Brock's grip lessens.  Jericho does one more and Brock unlocks the hold.  Jericho is free.  He runs back and bounces off the ropes.  He comes back, but Brock locks his arms around Jericho's body again, but this time hits the belly to belly suplex!  Brock quickly covers: 1-2-NO!  Brock gets Jericho up.  Chris' body is almost like a doll.  WAIT.....OH.....NO......Chris, out of nowhere, comes to life as he bounces up, grabs Brock's head and comes down for the.....CODEBREAKER!  Brock bounces up and then crashes down to the mat.  Jericho crawls over and hooks the leg: 1-2-AHHHH!  Jericho can't believe it!  He thought he won it!  Jericho sits there but then plants a determined look on his face.  Chris gets up and goes to the legs of Brock.  He grabs them.  He goes to turn Brock....for the Walls of Jericho!  He tries to turn, but Brock is still too powerful.  Brock turns the other way and Jericho flips around.  He lands right on his back.  Both slowly get up.  Jericho goes toward Brock, but Brock kicks him right in the gut.  He lifts him up and....OH GOSH.....powerbomb!!!!!!  Brock stumbles back from the huge move.  Brock leans against the ropes to regroup as he knows that wouldn't finish Jericho.  Jericho already starts to move.  He turns to his side.  Brock gets off the ropes and walks around.  Jericho gets to his hands and knees.  Brock grabs him and gets him to his feet quicker.  Jericho, surprisingly, knees Brock in the gut and then punches him a couple times in the face.  Brock stumbles there.  Jericho runs behind, bounces off the ropes, comes back and grabs Brock from behind.  He hits the famous bulldog.  Jericho gets up and hits the lionsault!  He covers: 1-2-3!!!!!!!

NOOOOO.......it is only two!  Jericho knows he could end it soon though.  He goes for the legs of Brock.  He wants to lock the Walls of Jericho in.....LUCKILY.....he does!  He has it locked in and Lesnar screams in pain!  Oh, is he going to tap?  Brock starts crawling to the ropes, but Jericho brings him to the center!  Brock crawls again.  Jericho can't keep this beast wrapped up too long.  Brock gets to the ropes.  Earl counts and Jericho releases.  He turns to the beast and stomps on him multiple times.  He walks away in frustration.  Brock uses the ropes to get up.  Jericho waits.  Brock turns around.  Jericho hops up.....CODEBREAKER......BUT, BUT, BUT.....Brock holds onto Jericho!  He pushes Chris up and he comes down right on the shoulders of Brock!  He goes to the center and hits......F-5!!!!!!!!  Brock covers: 1-2-NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

Jerry: "What?  Wow!  What a match!  This is truly a battle!"

Both men are lying on the mat.  Chris is feeling the effects from the move while Brock is tired out.  Earl starts to count: 1-2-3-4-Brock is on his knees and uses the ropes to get up.  Brock walks over to Chris and gets him to his feet.  Chris is dead weight.  His body could fall right over if Brock let's go.  Brock bends over and gets right in the face of Chris.  "You are done for!  You can't beat me," Brock tells Jericho.  UH OH.....Chris wakes up, jumps and.....CODEBREAKER!!!!!!  Brock bounces up and back.  He falls right to his back.  Chris is on his back too.  Chris slowly turns to his front and crawls.  He reaches Lesnar and puts one single arm on: 1-2-AHHHHHHHH!

JR: "What the hell do these two have to do to finish one off?!  This is a slobber knocker if there ever was one!"

Jericho slowly.......slowly gets to his feet.  He looks around and the entire audience is standing!  Chris looks down and sees Brock lying right in the middle of the ring.  Jericho looks up from him and, without thinking, runs!  He jumps on the middle rope......going for the lionsault!!!!!  WAIT, WAIT, WAIT, WAIT, WAIT......Brock Lesnar does the big time jump/hop up as Jericho springs back!  Right as Jericho's body turns to face down, Brock catches him right on his shoulder!  Here we go....F-5, F-5, F-5!!!!!!  He whips Jericho's legs out......but Jericho crunches them in and grabs Brock's head!  He falls back......CODEBREAKER, CODEBREAKER, CODEBREAKER!!!!!!  Brock rolls right over to the side and has his back to the mat.  Jericho turns over and slowly hooks the leg: 1-2-3!!!!!!!  Winner: Chris Jericho

Jerry: "I had no idea how that match was going to end!  It could have been either one.  Either way, it was awesome, amazing, and epic!"

JR: "I agree with you!  No doubt about that.  Brock and Jericho gave us everything they had.  We certainly got spoiled!"

Jerry: "This is why I love OFWC!  We see matches just like this!  Thank you everyone for joining us here on OFWC!  OFWC is.....Exceptionally Historic!” The show fades.

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